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Big Turd Lick and EAT This Perfect Poop With Me

Big Turd Lick and EAT This Perfect Poop With Me

I REALLY need to go, and I don’t waste any time pooping a long, THICK, JUICY turd into the container I’ll be shipping you 😉 It’s a beautiful, perfect, heavy turd, and it smells wonderful <3 Nice and earthy, and even sweet. Delicious, poopy stink… I tease you, telling you to sniff my turd, and I show off my cute little poopy butthole for good measure. A turd this good looking and smelling deserves a taste test, doesn’t it? 😉 Come on, don’t be shy… you’re not JUST gonna *sniff* this turd, are you? Let’s take a lick together…

Mmm, tastes good, doesn’t it? I love licking this turd–tastes sweet! My chocolate feels so good and smooth on my tongue. Don’t you like it? You know, I think a turd THIS good looking, smelling and tasting, shouldn’t go to waste. You should EAT it, too <3

Oh, you shy about eating my shit? Don’t you dare waste this beauty, slave. This shit is too good to go to waste! But if you’re so shy, we can eat it together, see? I’ll take the first bite… then you’ll finish the rest 😉 I lean in and lick a chunk onto my tongue and let it hang there for you to look at, before letting my poop melt on my tongue, enjoying the taste with a smile, and swallowing the bite down, yum! Now, open wide, it’s your turn…

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