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Carolina and Alice are shit lovers with ModelNatalya94 [FullHD / 2020]

Carolina and Alice are shit lovers with ModelNatalya94 [FullHD / 2020]

In this video you will see Alice and Carolina. Girls are ready to eat food. they waited a couple of days for a lot of shit. The girls kissed, then Alice became cancer, and Carolina licked her anus with her tongue, caressed him and tried to get into the hole, then Alice shit right in Carolina’s mouth. There was a lot of shit, of course, not everything fit in her mouth, but Carolina stuck her face between Alice’s buttocks and tried to eat and lick as much shit as possible. When the shit came out of Alice, Carolina also became a cancer on the armchair and set her ass up for affection.
Alice licked Carolina’s ass and ass with her tongue, very carefully and gently did it to bring Carolina as much pleasure as possible from it. Carolina also shit in Alice’s mouth and she had to swallow shit quickly and immediately, because there was a lot of it. Alice also plunged face in Carolina’s ass and completely immersed in shit. Girls love this kind of food, do it with great pleasure!

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