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Defecation Fetish Mistress Emily – yezzclips Shit inside my personal toilet

Defecation Fetish Mistress Emily – yezzclips Shit inside my personal toilet

I’m again wants to play with my slave-loser. He is already ready, lies on the floor, and can not resist at all. He is very ashamed and feels unpleasant, but he suffers, otherwise I will cruelly beat him for disobedience. I orders him to lie on the floor, then I began to sit on his face and strangle him. He must lick my asshole with tongue round motions until I stop him. After cleaning my ass he open mouth wider and swallow my big stinkey shit. He did not want to eat all my shit but I did not care and I made him swallow it and I spit in his mouth as a rewards. I sat on him and began to piss on his face. He already did not resist at all, but enjoyed the humiliation. You are my personal toilet and must justify your rank and service to your mistress, fucking loser!

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