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Messy extreme Efro anal ToiletFetish Poop Videos.

Messy extreme Efro anal ToiletFetish Poop Videos.

The huge “KAIDENCE KING” text in the GIF does not appear in the video. I walk in wearing sexy red and black lingerie with stockings and suspenders. I tell you I know how long you’ve been wanting to fuck my ass, and I’m finally going to let you tonight. But I need to prepare my ass first. I show you my huge, 12 inch dildo, which is the length of my entire forearm. I sensually strip then just as I’m about to slide the dildo in my ass, I realise I need to shit. So I shit, right in front of you. Then I take the dildo and slide it in my ass, using the shit as lube. I do loads of really messy anal, talking dirty to you the whole time, telling you how it feels and how badly I want you in my ass. Then I slide the footlong dildo all the way inside me, making it completely disappear. All you can see is my shitty asshole. Then I shit the dildo out, with some more shit coming out after it. I get on all fours right in front of you, and I’ve made such a mess, it’s not just on my ass, there’s even some shit on my pussy lips. I tell you I want your dick in my ass, right now.

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