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Mistress Emily – My Best Shit Toilet Slavery Yezzclips

Mistress Emily – My Best Shit Toilet Slavery Yezzclips

My best new video. Especially for my toilet slaves, I filmed the camera feeding my daily toilet slave with shit. Shooting is conducted from two cameras in sufficient light. I use it as a toilet for 3 years several times a day. I consider him to be my best toilet. If you want to earn his place, then you will have to try hard. First I sit down on his face and he begins to carefully lick my asshole. I LOVE how he does his job. Touching by his tongue is gentle and pleasant. Then I began to shit in his mouth. A huge shitty sausage slips into his throat one by one. It is very funny. Now his face is covered with my shit and I’m pissing from above on his face and also spitting it in his mouth. I kick with my feet and push everything shit that he did not eat and order him to swallow it. I think he was pleased with the way I humiliated him and tormented him today. He deserved the place of my constant toilet, because he does all the work with quality and with zeal. See you in the next video. For now look my pathetic toilet slaves as I will use you and you envy in silence.

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