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Mistress Emily – Toilet Slavery Mouthful piss and shit yezzclips HD 1920×1080

Mistress Emily – Toilet Slavery Mouthful piss and shit yezzclips HD 1920×1080

Hello, my faithful toilet slaves. Today I will show you what awaits you if you agree to serve my toilet all your life. In the beginning I use the language of a slave to clean my dirty street shoes. If you clean my shoes well, you’ll get a spit from me in your cheated mouth. You will have to forget who you are and what you are. Now you are nothing, a miserable creature to serve your mistress Emily. Are you ready for humiliation and confusion? I will omit your dignity and your self-esteem. Lie down on the floor and open your mouth wider. And do not close it until I tell you. Get more spit from me, I do not care what you want. Now you just my toilet. Are you ready to eat my shit? Well, get stream of diarrhea from my asshole. Now chew and swallow it, do it faster and better. Open your mouth, I’ll piss on you. Now you are even more aware of your miserable non-existent existence and your destiny to be a toilet for all of humanity.

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