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Poo eat Vegetable salad plus shit and urine

Poo eat Vegetable salad plus shit and urine

Olga asked me to make a salad , I went to the store and bought some tomato and cucumber , called his girlfriend Olga and she came to visit me . I don’t like to go home in clothes and I suggested to Olga to be completely naked not to wear any clothes , we don’t need it . We sat at the table and I’m in the clear bowl began to chop the vegetables Olga was sitting and waiting for me to make a salad . We spread the salad on plates , then we take turns in shitting and pissing in the bowl in which we had laid out a salad . I and Olga took the napkins from the table and wiped her ass from the shit , then we sat down at the table and picked up the fork and began to eat vegetable salad with shit and urine . We eat and enjoy the cucumbers in the salad goes so well with the shit about fucking is bliss . We throughout video clip eating a salad of vegetables with shit and urine . At the end of the video clip we show you a clean plate on which was the salad . We totally ate shit with tomatoes and cucumbers .

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