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Poop Videos 4K ULTRA HD Blow My Load On Your Chest LoveRachelle2

Poop Videos 4K ULTRA HD Blow My Load On Your Chest LoveRachelle2

My poop is already pushing out my desperate hole as I sit down on my throne–I can’t hold back anymore, I NEED to shit!! My MASSIVE load blows all over your chest as you lay under me and I moan with absolute pleasure and relief as my poop flows forcefully from my ass. At least a whole pound of shit tumbles all over your body, and I dirty talk you, wondering aloud how warm it is, how much it stinks, how much do you like rubbing that hot, steamy, heavy shit all over your chest and down to your aching, hard cock? Jerk off with my hot shit as lube, baby. I want you to cum to the feeling and stink of my poop! I lean down over you, smiling as you cum on my count… and reward you with a taste of my ripe poo from my fingertips

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