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Princess Mia and Princess Grace have fun with their toilet slave – Princess Mia and shit slave

Princess Mia and Princess Grace have fun with their toilet slave – Princess Mia and shit slave

1.Scat Shit Domination.Toilet Slavery
Vibrator sucking, Toy sucking,foot fetish

2.Mia and Grace have fun with their toilet slave.
They chain this dirty dog, place handcuffs and lead him to the bedroom, where they are going to have fun with the slave. They get down on knees on the bed and put out their tasty asses, and the slave at this time should lick clean the holes of the beloved Mistresses. They groan from his tongue, laugh at his nothingness and enjoy the humiliation of the toilet-slave. Then they make him lie down on the floor and put a gag on his mouth, so that he won’t not dare to close his mouth. At first, Grace fills his mouth with delicious crap – the only thing that an insignificant pig should eat. Then Mia begins to shit in his mouth. They are both laughing at him, smearing tasty shit in the face, drawing on his body with the same shit and coughing up his shitty face.

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